Charges deemed " misguided" by multiple doctors for the Defense.

Now, Doctors for the prosecution failed to persuade Riverside County District Attorney Kelly Hansen to drop or reduce charges of murder and child endangerment against Professional Skateboarder Neil Heddings and girlfriend Christine Rams Wednesday in a Murrieta Courtroom where the two were eagerly awaiting an end to what seems to be a endless miscarriage of justice in a county plagued with Judicial scandal.

After doctors for both Heddings and Rams’ defense submitted reports refuting coroner’s reports, Hansen chose to hire another physician from North Carolina to corroborate the coroner’s findings. Heddings doctor, a reknowned children’s physician from the University of California, Los Angeles, pointed to evidence of irregular blood cell patterns in autopsy slides, indicating a potential rare blood disease (HLH) which is often misdiagnosed as child abuse. Rams’ physician also pointed to evidence in the autopsy that disputed coroners head trauma claims, stating that the bruising evident only on the brain, was inflicted well before Heddings and Rams had custody of young Marcus. Hansen, however, felt these findings as well as a host of other information pointing to Heddings and Rams’ innocence was not sufficient to drop charges.

On November 23, 2002 Professional Skateboarder and Father Neil Heddings’ son Marcus Andrew Heddings passed away in his sleep from complications resulting from a subdural hematoma. Heddings and his girlfriend Christine Rams were charged with murder one and child endangerment/neglect. Marcus had been staying with his mother in San Diego while Neil and his girlfriend Christine were away promoting their skateboard company, Rollmodel Skateboards. The mother had dropped Marcus off with friends a few days before her scheduled time complaining that Marcus was sick and too much for her too handle. Neil came back from the trip early and had Marcus for three days prior to his death. They noticed that Marcus was lethargic and showed signs of the flu but no one felt the symptoms were serious.

At the time of death, Riverside County Sheriffs and Child Protection Services deemed Heddings and Rams unfit parents and took custody of Christine’s three year old Joey (from a previous relationship) and Neil and Christine’s newborn Buddy. Three months later officials charged Neil and Christine with Murder One and Child Neglect resulting in gross bodily harm or death (both carry 20 to life sentences). Unfortunately finances have been limited and the original attorney hired to defend the two ran off with $30,000.00 we had raised. Neil and Christine were left with a state appointed attorney and public defender respectively. The two have sat in Riverside county Jail awaiting justice for two and half years now. Recently Doctors for the defense stumble on evidence of a blood disorder that runs on the male side of Neil’s family. The evidence was presented to the DA and a deal had been agreed to tentatively, as Hansen hired another doctor who was paid only if findings corroborated the coroners. Also, a key witness for the prosecution, Susie Moyer (Marcus’s mother), has changed her story, claiming that her then boyfriend may have hit Marcus and caused the injury.

However in what seems to be a never-ending nightmare for Neil and Christine, the DA, yesterday pulled the deal and is insisting of trial.

If you would like more information or would like to write Neil and/or Christine you can reach Shirley Bookey at 503.560.5967 or letters may be sent to Neil Heddings booking #200308867/Christine Rams booking #200308866 c/o Robert Presley Detention Center, P.O. Box 710, Riverside, CA 92502



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